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The Chronicles of Evermoor?

It seems like Liv will have a part in the new series The Chronicles of Evermoor. In a recent interview Olivia talks about the show. Although the interview is in Romanian thanks to google it could be translated. Anyways here it was Liv says about it below VIA: Apropotv.ro.

I haven’t seen anything else on it, but all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope its true!

– Tell us something about your role in the production of “The Chronicles of Evermoor”.

Valentina, my character, is a demigod of love. It is very confident and has an unbelievable energy. The thought comes to earth to take revenge on her ex, who left her ages ago, and now finally has the opportunity to pay him. Evermoor gang in trying to show him a better way, and it ends up to reveal her vulnerable side.

Written by ellie