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I have added HD Captures of Olivia in Kickin’ It’s Special Wednesday Episode “Jack Stands Alone”. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery.

I have also added HD Captures of Olivia’s new PlayMG Commercial as well as photoshoot images! Be sure to check out the article below to learn about PlayMG.

The PlayMG handheld gaming device is getting a power boost from two young stars.

Disney actress Olivia Holt and NBA star Kyrie Erving of the Cleveland Cavaliers have signed on as partners in the company and they will recommend games and apps for users to try in a new widget on the Android-based gaming device.

“I am constantly playing games and trying new things so I think it would be fun to be the person to recommend games and tell them my opinion of it,” Holt said in a telephone interview. “I feel like being able to share everyone the things I like would be pretty cool.”

She and Irving’s picks can be found on the home screen of the PlayMG handheld, currently available on Amazon.com and PlayMG.com ($179.99).

The device, which has a 4-inch touch-screen display, targets parents who want to wrest control of their smartphone or tablet from their children. Parents can load a digital wallet in the PlayMG so kids can buy games without a credit card

“When you think about the 55 million kids in the U.S. who don’t have smart phones and want to be on these digital platforms that’s where the MG really solves that problem,” says PlayMG founding partner and chief marketing officer Geoffrey DeStefano. “They can’t afford a smartphone or their parents don’t want them to have one, this is a great little WiFi device that solves that problem.”

That’s what got Holt says got here interested in the device and the company. “PlayMG is basically a device for kids who don’t have access to smartphones and whose parents can’t give them smartphones,” says Holt, , who turns 16 in August. “This gives them a perfect opportunity to play all kinds of games they love doing, and which I love doing, in their everyday life. It’s an amazing device that I think every kid would love.”

Holt, who is currently filming the third season of Kickin’ It on Disney XD and will soon begin a new Disney Channel series called I Didn’t Do It, says she is a gamer in real life. “It’s really funny because you don’t really think of girls playing video games. But for me I’m the type of person to be constantly playing (them), especially working on a set with all boys, I’ve gotten more and more into video games,” she says. I’m a huge Call of Duty fan, Minecraft and all those kinds of video games. I’m constantly playing video games every day.”

To read the rest of the article click HERE

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Tomorrow on DisneyXD There is a special new episode of ‘Kickin it’. In “Jack Stands Alone” After Frank is blamed for the kidnapping Seaford High’s beloved pet turtle, newly inducted Student Council President Kim leads the charge in a rally against Frank, resulting in his expulsion from school. But when Jack suspects that Frank might be innocent, he stands up for Frank against Kim, putting their friendship to the test.

“Jack Stands Alone” premieres Wednesday, June 26th @ 9PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

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Olivia attended Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” Premiere yesterday. I have added HQ images to the gallery. Make sure to check them out. Olivia walked the red carpet in a stunning dress.

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I have added Screen Captures of Olivia in DisneyXD’s 2012 TRYathlon. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery! Make sure to tune into DisneyXD’s Non Stop Summer for a brand new TRYathlon!

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I have added around 100 HD Captures of Olivia in Monday’s episode of Kickin it, “Witless Protection”. Make sure to head on over to the gallery to check them out. If you missed the episode you can check your local listings for re-runs or purchase the episode from iTunes.

Side Note: With Olivia having a new show on the Disney Channel Main Network, she tweeted she is still in Kickin’ it! So to all the people who have emailed me worrying, no worrying anymore!

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In New Orleans, teenagers Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson come from different backgrounds and have acquired superpowers after a life-changing event that revolved around the collapse of the Roxxon Gulf Platform. As their relationship unfolds, they soon realize that their powers work better when they are together, "but their feelings for each other makes their already complicated world even more challenging."
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